10 Things Tuesday

I stopped blogging for awhile.  I didn’t actually mean to.  It just happened.  The reasons…simple I have Maddy for one more year in the afternoons, and I know this.  I am not usually one to blog after the kids go down.  I am a parent who is on duty during day and a fair amount of nights, so when they are down, I find the sofa and snuggle up with the dogs.   Maybe that will change.  I hope to be here in this space more.

So 10 things this Tuesday seems like a good place to start with what’s on my mind:

1. We have had a total of 5 cold days off of school in the month of January and February isn’t proving to be much warmer, sigh.  It leads to a lot of dressing up of dogs.  Tildy is the one Maddy loves to dress up.

 photo IMG_8045.jpg

2.  When it is “warm” out and I use that term loosely the kids go out and play in the snow.

 photo IMG_8010.jpg

3.  Hayden and Maddy  have a pretty good relationship except when it isn’t.  Having a boy and girl with very different interests, leads to Maddy wanting to do whatever her big brother wants to do, because she just wants to play with him.  It is both good and bad.
 photo IMG_8002.jpg
4.  These two crack me up, Tildy likes to be by Millie, it is becoming more often you see them together.

 photo IMG_8132.jpg

 5.  Maddy got a sewing machine from Santa, it is used to sew up all sorts of dog clothes creations, or ponies, definitely an animal theme, never really people clothes.  She is our animal lover.  I put together this basket where all her scraps of fabric are with ribbons and such.  It makes me smile.

 photo IMG_8204.jpg

 6.  Millie has taken to laying with Maddy at night and Maddy loves it.  We still come and get her a bit later in the evening, but it reminds me of my childhood when I slept with my dogs.  Millie, she is just a wonderful dog.

 photo IMG_8217.jpg

7.  Maddy still loves to play Kitchen, she has a ton of supplies but still loves when she gets new wooden food at Christmas.  It is used and loved.  When I play with her she always directs me as to what goes into the recipe and tells me how many scoops.

 photo IMG_8208.jpg

 8.  Hayden competed in his first chess tournament in January and loved it.  He’s our problem solver, loves to figure out how things work, this has always been the case.  He came home and still wanted to play chess that night even though he had been doing it all day, that showed me just how much he loves it.

 photo IMG_8016.jpg

9.  Maddy is loving dance, she is happy every Saturday, I love when I can watch her, it just doesn’t get any better than watching her dance.
 photo IMG_8015.jpg

10.  We rearranged the toy area on our first floor, now the family room has no toys, just art supplies tucked away in a cabinet.  I am loving it.  We also repainted the accent wall a light grey.  It makes me smile daily.

That is what is popping in my head.  Now it is time to figure out dinner and supervise homework.

Tell me a random fact that pops into your mind.

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